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MP3 Jukebox Personnel

"Solo Extensions"
Fred Tompkins - flute - recorded by Charlie Dent

"Open Green"
Debby Lennon - vocal; Dave Black - guitar; Kevin Gianino - drums; poem by E.E. Cummings

Fred Tompkins - Flute & E-Mu sample programming

"Ode On A Grecian Urn"
Debby Lennon - vocal; Dave Black - guitar; Paul DeMarinis - soprano saxophone; Gary Sykes - drums; poem by John Keats

Fanfare 8 (Early Works)

"Find a Way"
Richard Williams - trumpet; Yuri Taht & Gilberto Munguia - cellos; Danny Repole & Al Kaplan - trombones; Richard Davis - bass; Elvin Jones - drums

Richard Jones - French horn; Pepper Adams - baritone saxophone; Al Gibbons - alto sax.; Joe Farrell - tenor sax.; Wilber Little - bass; Elvin Jones - drums

"A Portrait of Manus Sasonkin"
Norman Carey - piano; Noah Young - bass; Rick Cutler - drums

"Fanfare 8"
Raymond Mase - trumpets in Bb & D; Chuck Loeb - guitar; Eli Magen - bass; Rick Cutler - drums

Freedom Ring (Poetry & Music Ensemble)

"Freedom Ring"
Debby Lennon - vocal; Dave Black - guitar; Michael Castro - poet; Kevin Gianino - drums

same as Freedom Ring, except poem by E. E. Cummings

"There is a Zone"
Debby Lennon - vocal; Fred Tompkins - flute; poem by Emily Dickinson

Curve Extended

"Coming Together"
same as Feedom Ring, except Fred Tompkins - flute; Charlie Dent - drums

"In My Place"
Fred Tompkins - flute & piano; Charlie Dent - drums

"For the Benefit"
Paul DeMarinis - soprano saxophone; Dave Black - guitar

"Con Moto 1 (for Charles)"
Fred Tompkins - E-Mu sample programming

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