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Third Stream

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Hi Everybody, I hope you had a good summer. I used part of mine to record a new solo flute piece, called “Solo Extensions”. It’s the latest in a series of flute pieces which employ extended techniques (harmonics, multiphonics, sing/play and a few sounds that I make up on my own and don’t have a name for yet) but each one is in a different setting. A previous work, “Voices”, which is # 3 on my MP3 Player, combines flute sounds with synthesizer, and while the new piece is unaccompanied, it develops through a wide range of moods and tempos.
I hope you enjoy it and get back to me with your opinions and suggestions.

Here’s the link to my MP3 Player with “Solo Extensions” at the top of the playlist:

Since the pieces on the player are NON downloadable, I have also added “Solo Extensions” to my Amie Street site, where the sound samples are short, but if you liked what you heard on my MP3 Player and decide that you want to upload it to your iPod and take it jogging, you can download the whole piece (It’s an MP3 file.) for free. On Amie Street, after a number of people have downloaded a piece, the cost gradually goes up in small increments. (If you want to learn more, click “How It Works”  when you get there.) Here’s the link to the page on my Amie Street site with “Solo Extensions”: , then scroll down past “Top Songs”.

Now that we’re talking about extended techniques, a few other collaborations  come to mind – my work with French Hornist, John Clark and Bb clarinetist, Bryant Hayes. Most of that work will be released on upcoming CDs, but right now you should check out a piece called “Waltz Variations”, featuring Bryant Hayes (a specialist in extended techniques). It’s included on a CD of the best of my ’70s & ’80s work, called “Cécile”, available here on my site (Click on the “CDs” link at the top of this page.)

A final heads up: In case the first piece on the MP3 Player still shows “Textures” instead of “Solo Extensions”, just empty the cache in your browser. That should clear things up.

Enjoy the music and don’t be shy about leaving your comments, pro or con.