Third Stream

Lately, I’ve been acquainting myself with two composer/performers who’s music, on the surface, would appear to be of contrasting nature, but examined more deeply, have much in common. That would be the music of Brent Heisinger (ostensibly a “classical” composer) and Taylor Eigsti (ostensibly a “jazz” pianist). In fact, Taylor’s music, while usually featuring improvised jazz solos, often displays an advanced compositional technique and some really fascinating orchestrations. I love the sound samples and videos on his main site:

Brent Heisinger is also a multifaceted musician who regards himself as a classical composer, yet who, on the other hand, has written a major work called Ekta for chamber orchestra, tabla and jazz trio, to be performed 5/15 & 5/16 in San José, CA, featuring pianist, Taylor Eigsti. Eigsti’s (‘Third Stream’?) piece, ReTrianon, will also be on the concert. If you go to Brent’s website, and click on “List of Works” you can purchase scores and listen to sound samples of each piece, Fanfare and Prayer and Reflections capturing my immediate attention.

Given the sum total of talent here with its implication of a broadly inclusive range of stylistic influences, this concert promises to be one of the more successful attempts at jazz/classical synthesis. To read more about this concert and get all the specifics, go to

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