Third Stream

Sorry that so much time has passed between Third Stream entries, but I’ve actually been quite busy composing the stuff. I’m most of the way though a big piece for sample sounds and “live” drummer, and I hope to be overdubbing the improvised drum part soon. When I get it down, I’ll post it on my MP3 Player page for you. Meanwhile, take a listen to the music already there and let me know what you think. (menu on the right, under Blogroll)

In addition, I’ve been writing music for a local St. Louis group with myself on flute, George Sams on trumpet & flugelhorn, Joshua Weinstein on acoustic bass and Bobo Shaw on drums – some really intense free playing, music by group members and one piece by Sam Rivers – in other words, lots of variety!   I’ll keep you in touch (promised)

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  1. Abortion clinic Says:

    awesome writing skills.. Did you write this yourself? Either way I’m impressed, and I will be back to read more in the future

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