Third Stream

Thanks for turning out and giving us a great season at New Music Circle! To see the artist roster for our upcoming 2011-’12 season, just visit our website, at:

On the home front, I’ve been writing more music for my duo with pianist, Jim Hegarty ( and posting some our best work on YouTube ( I also have a new piece on Bandcamp, called “Another Place” ( Since I know some of you have already heard these pieces, based upon your responses, I’m hoping very soon to record some of my new work with Jim and post it on YouTube along with a few of the other pieces we’ve recorded, and also record myself playing a new piano piece to be posted on Bandcamp.

Looking a little further down the road, I plan to produce a new CD of my best recent work on flute in a variety of settings from solo, to duo, to flute with synthesizer a piece with Dave Cheli’s acoustic quintet, Tribal Chicken. Especially in the duo and quintet playing, I really feel there is a high level of rapport and an instinctive interchange of musical ideas going on.
Most of the pieces on the CD will be originals, and a few of these pieces, such as “Solo Extensions” and “Voices”, are already posted on the MP3Player page of my blog
(, so I hope you’ll give them a listen and let me know what you think sometime!

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