Third Stream

As promised, here is my latest piece, “Textures”, which you can listen to right now by clicking on the MP3 Player under “Blogroll” in the menu on the right, or just use this link,, to get you straight to the MP3 Player page. I have also uploaded a relatively new piece, “Voices” and inserted an older work, “Open Green” in between, just for variety. [Actually, the real professionals at Pixel IQ ( did the uploads for me, and Charlie Dent mastered “Textures” & “Voices”]

With “Textures”, I have been trying to expand my range of synthesizer sounds, even to the point of employing sampled percussion instruments to create a drum sound. In the process, I hope I was able to mold the effects into a concise and meaningful work. Let me know.

“Open Green” is a short vocal work that we performed frequently in my
group, The Fred Tompkins Poetry & Music Ensemble. I haven’t tried to display the words to any of my vocal pieces here online, but I hope you can understand them ok.

The two halves of “Voices” are almost like two short, separate works, but I tend to hear the 2nd half as a kind of resolution of the 1st. In the first half, I combine the sound of flute multiphonics (producing several notes simultaneously) and sing/play double stops with various synthesizer sounds, sometimes in dialog and sometimes as a chord. With all of this experimentation, I still try to maintain a sense of continuity, so let me know if you think I’m successful. I can always use that imput for my next endeavor.
The 2nd half of this piece holds a special meaning for me. It was written around the time, recently, when we lost several friends who were close to the St. Louis community, and I kept thinking of them as I was playing it.
This movement also makes me think of the real courage it takes to go on in life while battling a serious illness or personal loss.

6 Responses to “Third Stream”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    Listened to the 2 new tracks; enjoyed them; also enjoyed your sound as part of the spring into june performance.
    Play on.

  2. Cesar Says:

    Thanks for your mention of Pixel IQ on your blog Fred. I hope the brief training that RT and Tom gave you helped.

  3. Phoebe Says:

    Thanks so much Fred! Greatly enjoyed the pieces and do keep me on your list.
    Love to you, Odile and family
    I am in the UK at the moment -out in the country near Cambridge. Beautiful

  4. Nydia Says:

    Thank you Fred… very, very nice. Congratulations! I’m moved to see that you remember me and are kind enough to send me your musical creations. Think that I’m enjoying them from the antipodes as I am now in Argentina…Your music does reach the south Pole. Thanks again. A huge hug for you and Odile.

  5. Woody Says:

    This is the first time I actually went to your website to listen, what with getting behind on email etc. What a pleasure! Your music really is such an interesting blend of classical and jazz. And I also found your flute playing very sensitive. Such talent in the family!

  6. BillB Says:

    I love this Fred. My first impression on Open Green reminds me of some movements on Mingus Moves (if you are a fan) and Textures reminds me of Larry Fast and Synergy from i guess the 70s or 80s – dont mean to compare…mean it as a very high complement. =o)

    I have this book marked and will be sharing for sure.

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