Third Stream

My wife, Odile, and I have just returned from quite an experience at the Aspen Music Festival ( If you like to receive your aural medication in multiple doses then this is where to come, at least for next summer. This season is almost over, but during the course of one week in early August, we went to an average of 1.5 concerts a day, several open rehearsals and 2 lectures at the Aspen Institute. We never made it to a master class, but our timing was good for the mini-festival to celebrate the 100th birthday of Olivier Messiaen, featuring many works, such as Quartet For The End Of Time and the seldom performed, 2 hour solo piano work, Vingt Regards Sur L’Enfant Jésus. (As an aside, our New Music Circle here in St. Louis – – brought in the pianist, Roger Muraro, to perform it a few years ago, so….. get ready for lots of surprises in ’08-’09, our 50th Anniversary Season!).

For those who might be worried about the cost of Aspen Music Festival concerts, know that many events are at a reduced rate, and accomodations outside of Aspen are reasonable. Hope to see you there next summer! Oops, did I mention sports? Everyday: hiking up beautiful mountains, biking, many other sports and activities……sorry, no skiing, not even at A-Basin.

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  1. Steve Says:

    I have always wanted to go to Aspen. Now I really have to go. I just heard on KFUO that one of the founders was Darius Milhaud, who taught there for years, and that one of the mission of the festival is to involve many composers. Did you meet any when you were there?

  2. martin5 Says:

    thank yoou for this interesting tickket, if only people understand whhat you say :) it s nice to viisit this nteresting blog :)

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