Third Stream

I hope you’ve been enjoying my music on Amie St. and all the free downloads. It’s a great way to get to know and support new artists.

For example…… I realize that Cindy Blackman and Cecil McBee have been around for a while, but their new albums on Amie St. sound young and fresh! Cindy has a fired up drumming style that exudes creativity in every measure, and almost all the compositions on Music for the New Millennium are by her  –  advanced, yet very free-flowing.

Talk about a small world, Cecil McBee’s son went to pre-school with my daughter years ago in NY, so of course we remember his wife, Lucia, quite well. He named a piece on his CD, “Unspoken” after her, and it happens to be one of my favorites. All the other pieces are strong, too, with lots of variety and imagination in the horn playing.

Here’s the link to the jazz genre at Amie St. Then you can search in their names. ENJOY!

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  1. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the tips re. Amie Street! How would we live without all these incredible musicians?

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