Third Stream

Let me tell you about one really terrific concert I attended last Tuesday, 5/5, presented by The St. Louis Low Brass Collective ( It featured a working group called The Trombones of The St. Louis Symphony, led by principal trombonist, Timothy Myers and had to be one of the most well balanced, varied, yet musically challenging programs I’ve enjoyed in some time. Music by Claude Debussy and Jacques Charpentier was answered by modern composers (St. Louis’s own) Robert Wykes and brass specialist, Anthony Plog.

You may know something about Anthony Plog, because his full album of brass music, “Colors For Brass”, features the St. Louis Brass Quintet on one piece, and overall, an amazingly broad range of  brass techniques and color effects. (Just go buy it!).

I loved Robert Wykes’s piece, also. It was short enough to be played at the beginning and at the end of the concert (also a clever programming device), yet it was more than just a fanfare. It ended with an exciting flare, yet developed through a wide range of melodies and harmonic colors in the process of getting there.

So…… keep an eye out for their next event, and I’ll do the same.

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  1. Tony Renner Says:

    too bad they kept it a closely guarded secret… which means, i guess, that they didn’t advertise it on kfuo….

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