Third Stream

I just heard a fabulous new jazz (jazz/fusion) trio last night, led by guitarist and recent St. Louisan, Matthew Von Doran with Steve Davis on drums and Ben Wheeler on acoustic bass. This is music on such a high level of spontaneous interaction that ideas could come from anywhere at anytime. Then add to that arrangements with frequent meter and tempo changes, and you may or may not require the full variety of coffees offered at the Broadway Bean.

As individuals, all three are technically advanced and stylistically broad ranging, so a set will explore at least two or three genres and more often than not, combine them. Matthew may easily run between three or four different guitars on a set, from acoustic to solid body w/”overdrive”. Steve plays a standard kit but with frequent use of brushes and mallets and is constantly exploding with rhythmic ideas and textural colorations. Ben has great melodic ideas, he’s always strong and employs the bow whenever it fits in.

Steve told me that he and Matthew are planning to record a CD together next week, so we’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for that release! Meanwhile, enjoy Matthew’s site, and here’s a link to Steve’s: Check out the “video & sound” page. He’s got some great sounding clips!

I’ll try to let you know when and where their next trio gig will be, but it will be posted on Matthew’s site, also.

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