Third Stream

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For those of you who ask where the new cutting music will be coming from in the next decade, look no further than the St. Louis New Music Circle! Our opening concert for the ’09 – ’10 season was the (apparently)  quite controversial Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core. An article from the 12/13/09 New York Times describes an encounter with the group by a man who probably thought he was living on the edge just because he happened to be a jazz fan. I’ll quote, enjoy:

“Is contemporary music grounds for arrest? An angry purist attending the Sigüenza Jazz Festival in Spain called the police last week to protest the appearance of the Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core, the Guardian of London reported. His doctor had told him that listening to anything but jazz was ‘psychologically inadvisable’. The Civil Guard showed up, armed, and passed the complaint along to a judge. The festival director, Ricardo Checa, told the newspaper El Pais that the jazz purist didn’t get a refund. ‘The question of what constitutes jazz and what does not is obviously a subjective one,’ Mr. Checa said, ‘but not everything is New Orleans funeral music.’ “

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