Third Stream

On Saturday, January 30, at 7:30pm, the New Music Circle will host a benefit concert at the Kranzberg Arts Center, 501 N. Grand for Zimbabwe Nkenya.  Zimbabwe, one of our community’s most beloved and respected musicians, suffered a stroke last Fall. We hope that by taking voluntary donations at the door we will be able to aid in the payment of his medical expenses and his physical recovery, 100% of the proceeds going to support this cause.

Zimbabwe Nkenya has pursued a musical career as one of the more accomplished and adventurous double bass players, but his aspirations were never limited to instrumental performance. Before coming to St. Louis in 2007, he spent 20 years in New Mexico as an educator of young children, clinician, visual artist and radio announcer. His tireless devotion to community projects has led him to collaborate with a wide variety of musicians, poets and even visual artists.

So…. now it’s our turn to show him that we can rally together in his time of need and come out as the strong community that we are!

Performers at the benefit will be myself, Jim Hegarty and Deb Summers, representing NMC; Baba Mike Nelson, Bobo Shaw, Dave Cheli’s group “Tribal Chicken”; percussionists, Thomas Zirkle & Matt Henry; poets, Michael Castro and K. Curtis Lyle and others TBA. To stay up do date, visit the New Music Circle website:

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