Other Artists Whom I Admire

Let this be just the beginning of an ongoing list of composers and performers whom we feel have contributed to the development of Third Stream Music, and most important, let’s not allow our definition of the idiom to be overly narrowed. For example, works by Charles Mingus, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Anthony Braxton and many other artists, well known and not so well known, might easily be considered as part of the endeavor to synthesize Jazz and Classical music; and groups from the past, like Yes and Emerson Lake & Palmer have made inroads into combining Rock and Classical styles.
So please submit your additions and help me update our list of hot
Third Stream Links.

At the top of the list should certainly be the man who coined the term, “Third Stream Music” in the 1950’s, Gunther Schuller. He is listed on many recordings as the arranger and composer of certain specific works, while the title of the recording is often under someone else’s name. Here are a few of the most important recordings:

The Modern Jazz Quartet – “Third Stream Music”
Ornette Coleman – “Jazz Abstractions” (w/Eric Dolphy) and “Skies of America”
John Lewis (w/ Eric Dolphy) – “Orchestra U.S.A.”
Also, the Gunther Schuller piece, ” Transformation” is a great work, and can be heard on the CD, The Birth of the Third Stream.

The composer and arranger, Lalo Schifrin, has done some quite interesting work, also. Here are a few recordings that I really like:

Dizzy Gillespie – “The New Continent” (arr. by Lalo Schifrin) Paul Horn – “Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts” (arr. by Lalo Schifrin)